MUSO Culture Festival 2021 is a culture festival held in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Various contents were planned to be developed around the main venue "Daichuji" from 13th to 21st of February. However, Japanese government declared a state of emergency due to a recent situation with pandemic in Japan. The contents originally planned will be shown mainly by the technology "Matterport" that allows people to freely move around the space online. We named virtual Daichuji temple as "Muchu kukan"

The word "MUSO" comes from "Muso Soseki", who established Daichuji Temple.
He was also well known for designing beautiful Japanese gardens that depicted harmony between landscape and scenery.

Come enjoy the refined culture, through exploring the essence of Zen.

Daichuji is a Zen Buddhist temple located by the foot of Mt. Fuji at the northern part of Numazu city in Shizuoka, Japan.The temple was founded by Muso Soseki in 1313. However, there was a Shingon Buddhist temple before then, thus an image of the Buddhist deity Fudo Myoo is enshrined as the principle object of worship.
Daichuji maintained a relation with the Imperial Villa in Numazu, welcoming visits by the Imperial Family. Onkoden hall was built as a resting room artly in the style of Art Nouveau in 1909. Onkoden is one of the few remaining Meiji period wooden buildings in Numazu.
Locally harvested taro potato was offered to the Imperial Family at the times of the visits. It grows as big as a head of baby and later named after the temple,"Daichuji potato" meaning the potato from Daichuji by the Imperial Family.


The entire space is captured with a 3D camera and the user can freely move around by using technology called "Matterport".
The main hall and garden of Daichuji Temple are reproduced in the online space with the sound & art installations and music live shows. Many contents that were planned to be held in real life also be embedded here, providing an immersive experience online.

Music & Art 音楽 芸術

Various contents such as live music performace and sound & art installation
will be shown at virtual Daichuji temple called "Muchu kukan"

Sound Installation

February 19th(Fri) - 21th(Sun)
Daichuji (Garden) * reservation only
Virtual Daichuji Temple, "Muchu kukan"
Yosi Horikawa

Sound System:WHITELIGHT Lighting:Takashi Watanabe

In the garden of Daichuji Temple, there will be a sound installation by Yosi Horikawa, one of Japan's leading sound designers.
It will be held by reservation only for 3 days from 19th to 21st of February.
Yosi Horikawa's binaural sound installation is installed in the virtual Daichuji Temple, "Muchu kukan".

Art Exhibition

February 19th(Fri) - 21th(Sun)
Daichuji (Shoin) * reservation only
Virtual Daichuji Temple, "Muchu kukan"
Saki Souda, Natsumi Sato

Two artists, Saki Souda and Natsumi Sato will create an art installation in another section of the Daichuji Temple.
It will be held by reservation only for 3 days from 19th to 21st of February.
Saki Souda and Natsumi Sato's art installation is installed in the virtual Daichuji Temple, "Muchu kukan".

Music Live Performance

February 20th(Sat) from 17:00 to 20:00 JST
Virtual Daichuji Temple, "Muchu kukan"
* Live stream of pre-recorded footage at Daichuji Temple with no audience
DJ KRUSH, Yosi Horikawa, ermhoi

The pre-recorded at Daichu-ji Temple with no audience is scheduled to be released at the virtual Daichu-ji Temple "Muchu kukan"
from 17:00 to 20:00 JST on Saturday 20th of February.
In addition to DJ KRUSH and Yosi Horikawa, ermhoi was also added to the lineup.

Special DJ mix collection

Kaoru Inoue, Chee Shimizu, ELLI ARAKAWA, Masaaki Hara, DJ Emerald, Hi-Ray, MORTSAFE

The DJs of the after party, which is canceled, will now offer us a special MIX reminiscent of the world of Zen.

Zen 禅

Zazen 坐禅体験

Zen in the nature - February 20th(Sat)11:00-12:30
Online Zen Meditation - February 19th(Fri)20:00-21:00
Zen in the nature - INN THE PARK Salon * reservation only
Online Zen Meditation - Live stream on Instagram from Daichuji Onkoden
Flying Monk

"Zen in the nature" meditation session will be held from 11:00-12:30 Saturday 20th of February 20th at INN THE PARK Salon by reservation only
* For reservations, click the "Reservation button" below.

"Online Zen Meditation" will be live streamed from 20:00-21:00 JST February 19th (Friday) 20: 00-21: 00, live stream on Instagram from Daichuji Onkaden
Account: Daichuji, MUSO Culture Festival

  • Name
    MUSO Culture Festival 2021
  • Venues
    Daichuji, Virtual Daichuji Temple, "Muchu kukan"
  • Dates
    February 19th(Fri) - 21th(Sun) 2021
  • Contents
    Live Streaming(No audience), 3D web installation, Zazen Sessions, DJ Mix
  • Artists
    DJ KRUSH, Yosi Horikawa, Kaoru Inoue, Chee Shimizu, ELLI ARAKAWA, ermhoi, Masaaki Hara, and more...
  • Host
    Daichuji,a religious corporation
  • Planning / Production
    epigram Inc., clubberia Inc.
  • Support, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Meitetsu World Transport Inc.,
    Wunder Transport Technologies, Inc., ARCHI HATCH
    Japan Tourism Agency "New Normal Tourism"

Infectious disease prevention measures

1. The registration and use of the "New Coronavirus Contact Confirmation App (COCOA)" app is mandatory to enter the event. Make sure the application is installed beforehand and Bluetooth is on at all times. If you cannot use the app on your smartphone, we will collect your personal information at the time of your admission.

※ Admission will be denied to those who have the following conditions:
- Those who have any unusual physical conditions such as fever, cough, diarrhoea, lethargy, dysgeusia of taste or smell, etc.
- Those who have had contact with a person who has been found to be positive for a COVID-19, those who are suspected to have an infected family member or close acquaintance, or those who have travelled to or had contact with a person residing in a country or region that has been restricted by the government from entering the country or region or whose entry into the country has been subject to a post-arrival observation period within the past 14 days.
- Fever above normal within 5 days

2. Temperature measurement at the time of admission
Visitors with a temperature of 37.5° or higher or those who are not feeling well will not be allowed to enter.
※ Visitors suspected with symptoms of corona infection will not be able to attend.

3. Alcohol disinfection
During your time at the festival please make sure to:
-Please wash your hands frequently.
-Disinfect upon entry and throughout the event

Also, please bring alcohol wipes and other hygiene products with you to help maintain good hygiene.

4. Please wear a mask.
Please wear a mask at all times. While eating, drinking, smoking, please do not completely remove your mask, simply slide your mask down.

5. Ensuring Social Distance
Please keep a safe distance between you and others when entering and exiting the venue, during performances, during breaks, when eating and drinking, and when waiting for the restroom.

6. No shouting at the venue
To prevent airborne transmission, please avoid shouting and always keep mouth covered when coughing.
※ Staff may patrol the venue and ask you to ensure that you observe the above precautions to prevent infection. If you feel unwell in the venue, please inform the staff immediately.
※ If an infected person is confirmed, we will take immediate action as instructed by the official authorities.

Myoshin-ji School of the Rinzai Sect.

457 Nakasawada,Numazu City,Shizuoka Prefecture,
By car
Approx 15 mins drive from Tomei Expressway Numazu IC
By train
Approx 10 mins drive from Numazu station,Tokaido Main Line

A sound artist who builds his music around field recordings.
“Everyday sound is a potential sound source” - Yosi Horikawa
In 2009 Yosi Horikawa’s debut EP, Touch was released on the French label Eklektik (re-released in 2013). Two years later he was asked to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, where he collaborated with the likes of Dorian Concept, Anenon and Jesse Boykins III. It was also at this point he came to the attention of BBC Radio 1’s Benji B, who praised him for his unique productions.
In 2012, Horikawa’s internationally recognised EP Wandering was released on London’s First Word Records, praised by DJ Food, XLR8R and more. First Word then released his debut album Vapor in 2013, which was named Best Album of 2013 by The Japan Times and Fact Magazine. Since the release of Vapor, he’s performed at some of the world’s best festivals, including Glastonbury, Sónar, Mutek, Dimensions, Boiler Room and Low End Theory.
In 2015 Horikawa was invited to Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival in Sete, performing on the special ‘Japan Night’ stage. While at the festival, he created Song for Remy, a track comprised of field recordings from the surrounding area, a collaboration with Daisuke Tanabe. The song, a dedication to Rémy Kolpa from Radio Nova, was then released as a 10-inch on Brownswood Recordings.
Following the success of Song for Remy, Gilles Peterson invited Yosi to New Orleans during a Worldwide FM special in the city. Here Yosi produced Song for Nola, which features Tank And The Bangas’ vocalist, Tank Ball and will be released in 2018.
In 2019 Horikawa released second album “Spaces” from a label “Borrowed Scenery” which he founded. And he had a world tour including Hungary's largest festival ‘Ozora festival’ and his first Indian tour. On the other hand, he had some immersive sound experiment, like 4DSOUND, he worked with the team for more than 4 weeks, then made special 3 dimensional sound performance. In the end of the year, 2nd album “Spaces” was again named Best Album of 2019 by many medias including The Guardian.
Yosi’s work ranges widely. He’s produced jingles and theme songs for J-WAVE, Tokyo’s premier FM station, as well as original music for exhibitions at Any Tokyo and the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation,Tokyo. Such is the originality of his compositions, and his journey to capture unique sounds, that he was the subject of a documentary in 2014. Layered Memories: Searching for Sound with Yosi Horikawa was a RBMA production.
Beyond writing and producing music, Yosi is a skilled sound engineer. He’s worked with Kengo Kuma, one of Japan’s most prestigious architects, Italian fashion brand Furla and Mitsubishi Electric’s technology centre, METoA Ginza. Yosi is also a talented speaker designer, whose clients include Sound & Bar Howl in Tokyo.
Currently he is producing a regular feature “Soundscape with Yosi Horikawa” on Worldwide FM, Gilles Peterson’s online radio station.
Yosi Horikawa is an exceptionally original artist who never stops searching for sounds, creating a unique sonic world.


In order to liberate souls from gravity.
Specialized in multi-channelled sound system design, sound production and audio-product development.

Takashi Watanabe

Takashi Watanabe is a freelance lighting director, planner, engineer based in Tokyo.
He began his career in 2010 at the art space "Vacant" in Tokyo, and in 2012, turned a freelance. He directed music lives, exhibitions, music videos, advertising videos, shows and parties collaborating with musicians, artists, theaters, video directors and companies.

Saki Souda

She is a graphic designer and an illustrator who was born in Tochigi, Japan in 1986. Her works widely spread from illustration for albums, magazines, book covers to designing book bindings. Attracting both international and Japanese fans through her charming design and illustrations.


Natsumi Sato

An artist who was born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1992 and based in Kanagawa, Japan.
She graduated from M.F.A.Intermedia Art, Tokyo University of the Arts.
Her artworks represent "Being Alive" by exploring relationships between nature and human beings. She uses tree sap, bark and wild grasses as well as drawing and photography as means of her expression.




2017年ソロ活動25周年を迎え、自身初の日本人ラッパーとのコラボレーション・アルバム『軌跡』を5月にリリース。2018年3月にはインストアルバム『Cosmic yard』をリリースし、その後ワールドツアーを決行。

Chee Shimizu

Chee Shimizu is the DJ with a free-form style that spanning genres, full of improvisation and storytelling. Shimizu is also compiler, writer, producer, record shop/record label owner, and other diverse work as a musical travel guide, with many remixes/re-edits. Recently, he has been actively engaged in live sessions with improvised musicians, and the album under the name Chee Shimizu + miku-mari will be released soon from the U.S.'s ESP Institute, and he is also preparing to provide remixes for international artists. His latest book as author is "OBSCURE SOUND REVISED EDITOIN" (Ritto Music).

DJ Emerald

DJ Emeraldは、イマジネーションの海を泳ぎながら、ジャンルの垣根、ムードの陰影、コントラストの狭間を自由に行き来する。
2019年3月より、ロサンゼルスの非営利ネットラジオ『dublab』の日本ブランチ『』にて、自身の番組《In Every Second Dream》をスタート。 その他、ファッション誌やレストラン向けのディスクレビューなどの寄稿も行う。



ermhoi is an Irish Japanese track maker and singer. She creates her own world and expresses it through a variety of languages and musical genres including pop, ethno, dance and improvisation. Her first album “Junior Refugee” was released in 2015 through the Salvaged Tapes record label. ermhoi, although essentially a solo performer, she is also a member of Black Boboi and Millennium Parade.
Her latest release Ep, E&Amphitrite is available on bandcamp.



岐阜県出身。DJ / Organizer 上京後、自身が主催を務めるエレクトロニックミュージックパーティ「metropolis」を約3年に渡り都内各地で開催。 その後、LAを拠点とするインターネットラジオ局「dublab」の日本ブランチ「」に加入。 現在はForestlimitにて「E/P/T/M」主催する。

Kaoru Inoue (Seeds And Ground / Chari Chari)

Kaoru Inoue is a DJ and a music producer who runs a label called ‘Seeds And Ground’. Since high school to early 20s, throughout the experience of being a gui-tarist in puck rock bands, in 1989 he first came across with acid jazz and that led him to dive into a DJ culture.
Under the names of Kaoru Inoue and Chari Chari, he has created many musical works and remixes, and has performed at various indoor clubs and outdoor festi-vals to pursue possibilities of dance music through DJing.
On the other hand, he has also formed a minimal acoustic guitar duo called ‘Auro-ra Acoustic’ with Daisuke Kojima aka ‘DSK’ in order to expand the range of his musicality.
In 2014, he revived his alias ‘Chari Chari’ as a live band, and in 2016, he released Chari Chari’s new EP ‘Fading Away / Luna de Lobos’ on vinyl. It was the first time for them to release in 14 years after the last release of 'Aurora EP', it gave rise to a huge buzz.
In 2018, he released an LP ‘Em Paz’ from a label ‘Groovement’ in Portugal. The LP is a celestial ambient album from the beginning to the end and it contributes a transformative and harmonious listening meditation to the audience.
Even after his 30-year career, his sound is still radical, yet universal that bright up the scene.


Masaaki Hara

Masaaki Hara started his career as a music journalist from 90’s. Having been Contributing to many music medias and liner notes, he produces music label “rings” and introduces emerging trends in music. He is also a director and DJ of, a Japan branch of the LA-based non-profit dublab radio station. He currently does music selection for lounges in hotels and takes great interest in a new matching between the city and town and music.



栃木県出身。 上京後、桑沢デザイン研究所、セツ・モードセミナー、映画美学校などのスクールに通う傍ら、 2013年よりLAのネットラジオ局の日本ブランチdublab.jpに加入。



Having spent nine years performing, hosting events and working in art and fashion, Tokyo-based, British-Japanese DJ Elli Arakawa arrives at the next stage in her career. With reinvigorated focus and a clear idea of where she is going, she sees 2016 as something of a turning point.
Inspired by the experiences and styles of techno she was discovering at the Labyrinth Festival, Elli gradually moved away from the eclectic style of DJing she had honed at fashion events, instead refining her taste to deep, purist techno. She plays with high energy and visible enthusiasm, often mixing quickly and catching crowds off guard.
In late 2013 Elli started her own event DUCE at club AIR, inviting Levon Vincent as the first guest. Since then she has hosted Tokyo techno hero DJ Shufflemaster and cemented the party as a go-to for techno fans. Whilst her ambition to tour the world and present her vision of techno overseas is strong, it's no stronger than her love for her home country and the desire to support Japanese artists. Maintaining a club night on home soil is key and DUCE will remain a platform to showcase local talent.
The transition doesn't end there. Elli started producing her own music which is also becoming an obsession towards finding her own sound which we will be expecting to hear in the nearest future.
Also an appearance on celebrated DJ stream DOMMUNE and many festival appearances with some of Japan's very finest in electronic music.
Now with greater scope as an artist and more technical ability behind the decks, it feels like Elli has found the right path, and with that a whole new world of opportunities arise.

idealsolution (Leitfaden, 東京)

idealsolution=理想溶液, 理想的な解決法。
大学在学中より日本各地での展覧会/屋外でのアート・フェスティバルなどに、先進的な彫刻・イン スタレーション作品の発表を続ける。
'90年代始め、当時黎明期にあった日本ダンスミュージックシーンの影響を受け、シーンの草分けであるアートコレクティブ「Life Force」 (ライフフォース) に参加。グラフィックデザイン/映像/空間デザイン等を担当するアート・ディレクターとしての役割とあわせ、映像パフォーマンス・アーティ ストとして、各国のミュージシャンらとの共演を重ねる。
2004年、渡欧。ロンドン/ベルリンに滞在し、作品制作活動と平行して最前線のアート/ミュージッ クシーンで、各国のアーティスト/ミュージシャンらとの交流を深める。
2005年には、ヨーロッパ-日本間における、アーティスト同士の創造的交流を推進するプロジェクト「Leitfaden」 (ライトファーデン) を始動。
同時に、多数の日本人アーティストが参加したパーティープロジェクト"Konnichiwa Berlin"をオーガ ナイズし、Maria amostbahnhof、Bar25でのイベントは大きな話題となる。
2009年夏、Konnichiwa Berlin2を開催。前回にも増して様々なアーティストが参加し、日本とヨー ロッパのシーンをダイレクトに結ぶプロジェクトとして継続的に開催される。
近年は、日本随一の国際派レーベルである"mule musiq"のイベントに、VJ兼テクニカルスタッフとして参加しており、日本のパーティー/ダンスミュージックシーンの最前線で、多数の世界的トップミュージシャン/DJらとの共演。単なる映像の投影にとどまらない空間全体を使ったシステム構築と映像表現は独自性に溢れ、日本VJシーンへの影響も大きい。

This URL is the reservation link for sound and art installations at Daichuji Temple.
* Music live performance with DJ KRUSH, Yosi Horikawa, and ermhoi is closed event for the public.
It is recorded in advance at Daichuji Temple with no audience.
* The after party and food market have been cancelled.

Visit to Daichuji temple is by reservation only.
* Reservation ends on 18th of February (Thu)

This URL is the reservation link for sound and art installations at Daichuji Temple.

* Music live performance with DJ KRUSH, Yosi Horikawa, and ermhoi is closed event for the public.
It is recorded in advance at Daichuji Temple with no audience.
* The after party and food market have been cancelled.

Visit to Daichuji temple is by reservation only.
* Reservation ends on 18th of February (Thu)